Hiring a Lawn Service

Do you like to mow, fertilize and control pests in your lawn?  Some of us do, some don’t.  Some would rather be planting perennials, picking apples, and watering their cabbage.  Hey, this is America.  Life in America is all about freedom of choice – freedom to worship as you choose, freedom to complain about the government, freedom to live in the city or the country and many other choices.  Our military servicemen and servicewomen fought to make this great country of ours free.


If lawn care isn’t your thing, consider hiring it done.  Start by interviewing several companies.  Ask a few friends who they use and start from there. The key questions to ask them are:

  1. How fast do they usually get out to inspect your lawn if there is a problem?
  2. How many service reps do they have to look at lawns?
  3. How flexible are they? Will they customize a program for you, or do all of their customers receive the exact same treatments?
  4. How well trained are their employees? Is the firm a member of the Nebraska or Iowa Professional Lawn Care Association or the Professional Lawn Care Association of America? Are they certified pesticide applicators?  Do they send their applicators to University training classes?  How long have they been on the job and working in your town?
  5. Do they have insurance? This can be very important if they make a mistake.


When using a lawn service, realize that this arrangement is a partnership.  You’ve hired them to perform some of the essential lawn tasks, but probably not all of them.  For example, the common tasks performed by a lawn service would be fertilizer application and pest control.  Additional services that you can hire done include mowing, aerification, thatch control, reseeding and sprinkler repair.  Most folks tend to some of this second list themselves.  All of these tasks are important to keeping the lawn growing healthy.  If you do your job, and the lawn service does theirs, a vibrant, vigorous lawn will result.


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