A Spirea for Every Landscape 

For 2023, the National Garden Bureau’s shrub of the year is Spirea, which unfortunately often gets overlooked during the spring buying-rush as old-fashioned and uninteresting. In reality, spireas are tough, easy-to-grow shrubs and a workhorse in modern landscapes.   Spireas offer a wide range of colorful foliage ranging from blue to yellow, red to orange,... Continue Reading →

Ash Sawfly 

Dropping soon onto a patio near you – let me introduce the ash sawfly. Or maybe you’ve already been introduced to this insect; your Nebraska Extension office has been getting questions about this little greenish “songbird Snickers bar” all week!   Here’s the bottomline, this is ash sawfly and it isn’t going to kill your... Continue Reading →

Tree Fertilization 

We fertilize our lawns regularly each year, but do trees need fertilization, too? Actually, in most cases - no. Most Nebraska soils are fertile enough to support good growth of trees and shrubs without the need for additional fertilization. And in particular, trees surrounded by a fertilized lawn don't need additional fertilization.  Healthy trees have full-size, medium to dark green... Continue Reading →

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