Rose of Sharon for Fall Color

Let’s face it – most of our flowering shrubs are showy in spring.  Viburnum, dogwood, spirea, forsythia and lilac sport hues of yellow, white, pink and purple in April, May and June.  While this is a welcome change from the drab grey of March, once the color is gone in spring, we’re left with a mass of green leaves and nothing more.  Fortunately, some of the spring flowering shrubs also produce colorful fruit, but not until fall.


In order to avoid the lack of color, interest and appeal, incorporation of summer/fall flowering shrubs such as rose of Sharon will infuse color as well as an interesting arching architectural structure to the landscape.  Rose of Sharon is available in the pastel colors of pink, purple, rose as well as white.

purple rose of sharon

In addition to rose of Sharon, consider other summer/fall bloomers such as mockorange, dwarf blue mist spirea and beautyberry.

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